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We published our survey in order to help us understand what support families need in terms of helping their students on their reading journey. We wanted to publish some preliminary data in hopes that it will prompt more people to complete the survey. As of August 23rd, there are 220 responses. Some emerging trends are below:

Families want more information about reading instruction in T/E.

  • Almost 67% of families

Families do not know about reading benchmarks and would like more information about them.

  • 12% of parents know their student’s reading benchmark scores

  • More than 73% of parents would like more information about benchmark scores


More information about what type of growth readers should make each year would be helpful.

  • 22% of families said student’s reading level has not grown by at least one grade level

  • 21% of families do not know if their student’s reading level has grown by at least one grade level


Understanding the movement through the reading support program would be meaningful for families.

  • 83% of reading support families said their student has been in support for 2 or more years.

  • 50% of reading support families said they do not receive progress monitoring reports

  • 21% of reading support families said they are not sure if they receive the reports


Families do not know the reading skill areas for which their students need support.

  • 73% of of families aren’t sure in which area(s) of need their student receives reading support.

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