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Happy New Year!

We want to thank all of the literacy experts, parents, teachers and students who we worked with in 2019. Without your support, we would not have been successful in moving toward achieving our mission:

To ensure that all students in T/E School District learn to read to the best of their potential with as little emotional impact as possible and that  all teachers in T/E have access to professional development and curriculum rooted in the science of reading.

Our efforts were instrumental in:

  • Moving TESD to provide Orton Gillingham Certification to 18 teachers, LTRS training (Modules 1-3) to all K-2 teachers and PATTAN Literacy Leadership training to elementary principals and district curriculum administrators

  • Convening a literacy curriculum committee tasked with evaluating the current curriculum and choosing a new evidence aligned curriculum

  • Supporting dozens of families in understanding their struggling readers’ needs and finding appropriate support inside and outside of TESD

  • Driving TESD to provide reading benchmark data to all parents of elementary students

  • Hosting and continuing to host educational events aligned to the evidence base for parents and educators

While we are grateful that our advocacy work with the School Board and Administration propelled the school district to make some surface level changes; we are disappointed that transformative change is not happening and that the evidence aligned practices presented in the TESD 2019 trainings are not being followed. For this reason, we believe that our time is best spent focusing on the areas where we can have the greatest impact on reading outcomes of students in TESD:

Educating families and community members and providing support to families of struggling readers. 

2020 is the year of empowering parents!

Please join us for our third Parent Literacy Workshop Series, Monday, January, 13.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Everyone Reads T/E


Leading Pennsylvania literacy leaders including Everyone Reads T/E members, Kate Mayer, Jamie Lynch, Dr. Jackie Galbally and Kate Murphy, are proud to announce the new educator focused organization, The Reading League PA. Stay tuned for upcoming events online and in person.

Please sign up here!


The Reading League PA is firmly committed to:

• Building an awareness that the scientific research evidence base exists

• Fostering an understanding of how the evidence base informs classroom practice

• Supporting educators as they implement instructional practices that align with the evidence base

• Bringing together all stakeholders with shared missions around reading success for all including universities, non-profits, parents, school districts

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